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Jim Banks Ultra Glide Surfboard

IDR 9.750.000

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What do you get when you put twin keel fins on a mid length board?

A phenomenal amount of glide is what you get!

Blew us away, just how much to be honest - it's glide on steroids. But that wasn't the only surprise....

Another surprise was just how powerful and drivey it is in larger waves. This board is really solid and powerful under the feet, even in double overhead waves. No skittery twin fin action here at all.

The final surprise was just how responsive it is in smaller waves. Full roundhouse cutbacks in waist high waves - no probs at all!

If you feel like you looking for a really versatile board for all sorts of waves and to re-enthuse your surfing, the Ultra Glide is a great option.

You can ride these from 6'4 all the way up to 9'0.


I've been recovering from a serious shoulder injury that had me out of the water for almost 6 months and so I needed a board with heaps of paddle power that also allowed me to struggle to my feet easily. A longer twin keel fish is something I've been interested in for a while now and so I built myself a 7'0 x 21" x 2 3/4" giving me 43 litres of volume. 

‚ÄčMy first surf was small and soft Uluwatu with funky winds that were causing the sections to collapse prematurely. Normally this would be a really annoying surf because the collapsing sections were too long to get around. Not with the new Ultra Glide! While everybody else was struggling and getting caught by the sections, I was flying around them and getting 100 yd rides. Turns were smooth and I even got in a couple of off the white-water cutbacks.¬†

Later in the week, I tested in some very chunky double overhead waves up the top of the reef and was really surprised to find that the board had more speed, power and hold than my finely tuned step up quad pintails. I was really surprised by the amount of hold the board had. So solid and powerful under my feet.

The final test was some lower tide, very shallow and hollow peak and racetrack and this time, and once again the board surprised me with just how well she pulled tight turns in the hollow faces. All in all, an outstanding super versatile design that picks up waves ridiculously easy and really will handle any conditions. Can't recommend this design enough for fun and easy surfing.


‚Äč'I don't believe that buying a board should be a risky affair.

 All my custom boards come with a performance guarantee. I'm only interested in building you a board that you absolutely love. 

If you feel that your board is not performing as good as you expected, I'll replace it for you or refund your money.'  

 * Reasonable conditions apply.

 Jim Banks

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