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FCS I Dual Tab Fins

The FCS system (Fin Control System) was designed by Brian A. Whitty in Elanora, Australia, and patented on November 7, 1995. It can be recognized by the 2 tabs on the fins which are designed to fit into a securing plug that attaches the fin to the board.

FCS Fins are the fins for the original removable fin system developed by the Fin Control System company. This was the first surfboard fin system that replaced traditional glassed on fins. The fins featured two tabs which slotted into a box set in the board which was secured by two small grub screws using an allen key. These original FCS fins can be used in the updated FCS II fin boxes as well as the originals. FCS produced a range of performance fins that worked with all the styles of boards of that era and they have continued to develop the range to this day. This fin system was the forerunner of the amazing FCS II system, FCS are unquestionably the most successful fin developers in the surfboard fin market. FCS have worked with most successful world tour surfers for the last 20 years and continue to do so to this day. One fin model in the range stood out and went on to be the most successful fin ever, it was Kelly Slater’s signature fin the KS2.1, Slater still rides for FCS to this day. There was a run of 7 years out of 8 the winner of the ASP (now the WCT) world surf tour was riding the FCS fins.

The original FCS fin range covered all surfing requirements from softer entry level fins for weaker or smaller waves right up to stiffer carbon fins for more challenging conditions. If you need a classic thruster fin set up, quad, or even a Longboard fin, FCS have you covered and you can guarantee quality and performance every time you surf. We love the ease of using FCS fins so if you need help choosing the right fins get in touch.


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